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Dincel Structural Walling is a lightweight stay-in-place formwork system manufactured from durable non-toxic panels, which when filled with ready mixed concrete, produces a load bearing, fully BCA compliant structural wall. It offers installers significant cost effectiveness and major construction time savings.

Dincel is different to traditional concrete formwork. A unique patented snap-lock joint connects the Dincel panels for fast and easy installation, delivering a fully waterproof wall.

This, combined with the fact that the Dincel panels are lightweight, makes it safer than the conventional alternatives.

The Dincel construction process is simple. It involves placing these panels (which are available in custom lengths of 1.8 m – 8 m) vertically into position where you want to build a wall; connecting them together using a patented snap-lock joint; inserting steel reinforcement; and pouring concrete from above.


Depending on design, this can reduce dependency on scaffolding. Because the lightweight panels are installed either form the ground floor or the safety of the form deck, it is not always required. Less scaffolding means less risk of falling objects, either during the construction of the walling or of the scaffolding itself.

Similarly, the use of ladders on construction sites is a major contributor to fall injury statistics. Unlike traditional formwork, when Dincel is installed from conventionally formed decks of a multi-level building there is no need to use bracings for walls of up to 5 metres in height which eliminates the need for ladders.

Traditionally, constructing structural walling has been a complicated, time-consuming process. This is due mainly to the labour required to first build, and then strip the formwork to complete the job. Read about Dincel vs. traditional methods here>>

The stripping process, in particular, poses safety risks. It involves a lot of high-risk activity, such as hammering and therefore can result in crush injuries, cuts and abrasions. Because it doesn’t require any formwork stripping, Dincel eliminates these safety risks. Its snap-lock joints simplify the whole process of constructing structural walling and therefore reduces the chances of getting hurt on site.

In terms of electrical equipment, Dincel requires nothing more than a battery-powered hand-held. Unlike traditional formwork, the system requires no 240V. This eliminates the possibility of electrocution.

Weighing just 13 kg per 3 m of length, Dincel panels are light enough for anybody on a building site to carry and can be manoeuvred with ease. This not only simplifies the construction process and cuts the number of trades needed for the job, but also reduces the reliance on cranes. Dincel reduces the risk of back injuries caused by carrying heavy objects.

Mortar preparation for brick/masonry block walls raises the problem of water and/or wet concrete mix puddling on the ground and increasing the risk of injuries caused by slips and trips. Because Dincel’s panels do not release any water, this again reduces the risk of injury on site.

Finally, because the panels are waterproof, there is no need for wet trades to even be part of the process, let alone work in confined trenches and so forth, where there a is risk of collapsing earth to contend with. Here from builders and formworkers on why they are using more Dincel>>

Our partnership with Formwork Industry Association

Dincel provides up to-date guidance, processes and procedures freely available to members to help formworkers get across the latest technology and offer value to their clients. Product workshops held at Dincel's manufacturing facility allow members to meet face-to-face to discuss and exchange best practices. Click here for all the latest from Dincel on their website.

Watch these videos to get a better idea of Dincel's technology and the benefits to your business.


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