The Formwork Industry Association (FIA) strives to continuously improve competence and safety across the Formwork industry by bringing the industry together for networking, advocacy and knowledge sharing to raise standards and minimise risk.

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the Up family

What We Do 

Up-Family is a service development company who built a cloud-based software to enhance a range of construction businesses through data informed apps. Their mission is to transform the construction industry through digital administration and project management tools.

In response to the digital void in the construction industry, their innovative products are developed to evolve businesses into global industry leaders. With methods bound by efficiency and productivity, they enhance transparency and accountability throughout every process.

Up-Family provides expertise through a range of applications built for site workers, subcontractors, managers, administrators, manufacturers, developers and financial institutions with access to online platforms. Trade-Up and Service-Up are tailored to subcontractor teams. Project-Up meets the oversight needs of builders. Check-Up aids the finance team and developer to mitigate risk. Finally, Work-Up allows all site-workers to maintain a professional profile.

All services are tailored to meet the unique needs of small, mid-sized, large, fast growing and family-owned businesses. Ultimately to help them solve complex challenges, steer change, increase profitability and grow people.

Make confident decisions to empower productivity and measure success. Transform your business seamlessly with the Up-Family.

Up-Family – Verified Success

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Our partnership with Formwork Industry Association

Up-Family is proudly a tech partner with the Formwork Industry Association (FIA) and has commenced strategic planning to provide value to their industry. Up-Family recognises the importance of the FIA in regulatory practice and their efforts in bringing the industry together for networking, advocacy and knowledge sharing to raise standards and minimise risk.

Challenges of compliance and efficiency in this industry are the focus, and we plan to bring a digital solution to the table in 2021. We endeavour to help and educate their members by digitising processes around work health and safety, information retrieval and human resources to revolutionise the current processes. The Up-Family suite of apps will allow greater transparency across the board and increased productivity and profits.

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