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Definitions from A to Z: National Dictionary of Building & Plumbing Terms

3 Feb 2021 1:57 PM | Anonymous

Standards Australia, in partnership with the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has launched an online dictionary for the building and plumbing industry.

The dictionary will assist industry, government and consumers understand different ways of describing similar terms in the built environment.

The new website aims to further support the 1.2 million Australians employed across the construction and water and waste services industry.

Article from Standards Australia.

In an aim to bring further clarity and consistency to industry, Standards Australia, alongside the ABCB, has launched the National Dictionary of Building and Plumbing Terms. The website enables individuals to search for definitions used in the National Construction Code (NCC) and Australian (or joint AS/NZS) Standards referenced in the NCC.

“The dictionary combines terms and definitions from the NCC, Australian (and joint AS/NZS) Standards, and Handbook 50:2004 Glossary of Building Terms. It aims to assist industry, government and consumers to understand the range of terminology used to describe the same or similar terms and processes across Australia. It also provides a general hierarchy of results to assist interpretation. This website is an informative tool for government, industry and consumers to find exact definitions and their source,” said General Manager Strategy and Engagement, Adam Stingemore.

Future enhancements to the dictionary will seek to expand the sources included in the online dictionary content, such as relevant terminology used in state and territory building legislation. This next stage emanates directly from the 2018 Building Confidence Report and forms part of the National Implementation Framework agreed to by the Building Ministers’ Forum.

The Building Confidence Report identified that the Australian construction sector uses different ways of describing the same or similar terms or processes. Different terminology makes it confusing for industry and consumers to understand exactly what is needed.

“Consistency in the use of language can help promote a national approach to the application of building codes, standards and regulations. It enhances comparative reporting, facilitates the sharing of good practice and assists those in the building and construction industry,” said Mr. Stingemore.

“Standards Australia and the ABCB are pleased to be able to offer this website as a first step towards achieving this goal. We look forward to continued collaboration with state and territory regulators and the building and plumbing sector, as we develop enhancements in the future to update and refine the website,’ concluded Mr. Stingemore.



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