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Associate Membership - Building Contractors


'Associate Membership - Building Contractors' is a corporate membership designed for building companies to connect and engage directly with key business leaders and decision makers within the Formwork industry.

Understand who's who in the Formwork industry and the reputation of your sub contractors, influence the safety awareness training and compliance in the industry, as well as staying up to date with current industry safety news & events and for those keen to learn from other industry professionals and to develop and improve the standards for safety training in the Formwork Industry.

Associate Membership - Building Contractors

  • A corporate membership for all of your team to benefit.

  • Understanding of the FIA Industry Accreditation Program for formwork subcontractors
      • Gain an understanding of how the industry program profiles formwork companies and assesses the compliance and training of their workers.
      • Understand who out of your future subcontractors is recognised and has a solid reputation for safety compliance and training.
      • Trained and skilled means productive and safe.
      • Select the right subcontractor for the job, knowing that safety and productivity are a key focus of their business.
  • Be part of a united voice to help improve & increase the standards of the formwork industry and influence legislation.
    • Be part of a forum to share your thoughts & ideas to better the industry & help the FIA advocate to governing & regulatory bodies to improve health & safety in our industry
  • Expert knowledge & support from industry leaders & FIA partners in areas such as employment
 relations, WHS, dispute resolution, insurance, contracts etc
    • Gain knowledge and understanding of best practice to improve your business processes and practices and increase the reputation of your business.
  • FREE Access to website knowledge channel, social channels, regular e-newsletters & email alerts on industry changes.

  • FREE Access to publication of guides and codes of practice, often on a joint basis with recognised authorities.
    • Stay well informed of anything & everything happening in the industry so that you can make up to date & correct key strategic decisions for your business.
    • Access to FIA membership logos for promotional use
    • Increase your brand reputation by being recognised as being part of a reputable industry association and for your participation in helping FIA to improve the formwork industry.
    • Free member attendance to regular social events and workshops, in addition to further discounts on specific events
      • Networking within the profession including opportunities for interaction with peers, industry partners and project leaders at social events. 
      • Financial savings to help recoup your membership fees.
    • FREE attendance at educational events & training courses.
      • Improve your business safety & productivity performance.
      • Financial savings to help recoup your membership fees.
    • Access to discounts on services & products from FIA partners
      • Financial savings to help recoup your membership fees.


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    Tel : +61 401 326161

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    Address :
    PO Box 189
    Mittagong | NSW 2575


    The Formwork Industry Association (FIA) strives to continuously improve competence and safety across the Formwork industry by bringing the industry together for networking, advocacy and knowledge sharing to raise standards and minimise risk.


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