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What We Do

At Hilti we design, manufacture and service a range of products for the construction industry. What’s more, we bring these products direct to the end user through a technical sales team, supported by Hilti Stores, customer service and online selling channels. These products are designed with end user productivity and safety as primary requirements and include items such as rotating lasers for levelling formwork, drills and bits for starter bars or rebar development lengths, epoxies and mortars for fastening rebar and a range of diamond concrete grinders for smoothing.

We also have a team of engineers who support both consulting engineers and our technical sales team to help them with rebar design specifications or any other anchor fastening query. With this unique combination of quality products and people, we are able to help our customers’ businesses do things faster and safer.

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Our partnership with Formwork Industry Association

We want to raise awareness and educate the industry on what’s available to improve the health and safety of workers – and how by just careful selection of tools of the trade safety and productivity can be improved at once.

For example, many tools have safety designed and built into them. Several Hilti drilling machines have Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) as well as Active Torque Control (ATC) features. Having AVR reduces worker fatigue as the tool is more comfortable to use, whilst ATC prevents wrist injuries from drill bits jamming on rebar as the tool cuts out automatically when the bit head snags. We also have dust control systems for drills, breakers, cutting machines and grinders to minimise the risks associated with breathing in crystalline silica, which is a significant concern in our industry at this time.

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Chemical anchors for rebar fastening

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The Formwork Industry Association (FIA) strives to continuously improve competence and safety across the Formwork industry by bringing the industry together for networking, advocacy and knowledge sharing to raise standards and minimise risk.


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