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Being an FIA member shows you are serious about your workers safety and the safety within the industry.

All members of the FIA share a commitment to professionalism, Formwork expertise and ethical standards to your future employees and of course to your clients and the principal contractors you work for.

It further demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to continually building your own and workers safety expertise and that you take your business seriously.

Members of the FIA are helping advance more effective safety practices in the formwork industry by creating a cohesive industry approach to the development of formwork related safety.

The cohesive industry approach of the FIA also helps ensure that changes to government legislation impacting the Formwork industry are reasonable and consider the opinions of formwork companies.

Would you like the government to regulate you or would you prefer the industry to regulate for YOU?

Get involved and have a voice!

With legal changes coming into government infrastructure projects and quotas that are impossible to reach - you need to take control of your destiny, not have others who have no idea about your business take control or dictate the terms.

Become a member and advocate for change and have industry support your business.



  1. Corporate Membership
    Designed for formwork contractors only to assist in staying up to date with current industry safety news & events, as well as being a first point of call for any safety knowledge or support required to assist & improve the performance & compliance of their business and for those wanting to make a difference to the improved safety standards of the industry.

  2. Individual Membership
    Designed for individual formwork employees only, that want to be kept up to date with industry safety news & updates & keep their skills sharp.

  3. Associate Membership
    A corporate membership designed for consultants, suppliers or building companies to connect and engage directly with key business leaders and decision makers within the Formwork industry, as well as staying up to date with current industry safety news & events and for those keen to learn from other industry professionals and to develop and improve the standards for safety training in the Formwork Industry.


  1. Gain a Competitive Advantage.
    You'll receive access to expert knowledge & support from industry leaders & FIA partners in areas such as safety training, safety compliance, WHS, insurance, business strategy etc to improve your business processes and practices and increase the reputation of your business to make your business stronger, and give you an advantage over your competitors that don’t have access to those same opportunities.

  2. Give Your Reputation a Lift Through Industry Association
    Reputation is everything in the business world. You want to be known as a company that’s committed to quality, growth and innovation. And joining an industry association is a great way to build that kind of reputation within your industry. When you become a member of an industry association, it sends a message. It says that you take your business seriously enough to invest your time, energy and resources outside of office hours into learning everything you can to build the most successful business possible—and that message can seriously resonate with your colleagues, your team, your prospects and your customers.

  3. Training, Education, Certification & Accreditation 
    FIA stays on top of the changes in safety regulation and compliance and breaks down how these changes apply specifically to your business. FIA membership provides access to member only website safety knowledge channel, regular e-newsletters, regulators messages & email alerts on industry changes with safety publications, guides and codes of practice, often on a joint basis with recognised authorities, to enable you to stay well informed and make up to date & correct key strategic decisions for your safety management plan, safety strategy and business. (i.e. information and programs to help you meet industry standards). The FIA sorts through many online articles and trade publications and brings you the most relevant news and insights for improving your business. Furthermore, the FIA brings you workshops and learning events for your workers to improve knowledge, improve safety awareness and gain certification, accreditation and recognition of prior learning.

  4. Lobby on behalf of your industry to influence government policy and protect your interests. 
    Most industries have common issues that impact nearly all businesses that operate within the space—including different laws, regulations and policies that may prevent your business from growing to its full potential. Chances are, while you’re running your business you don’t have time (or adequate resources) to advocate for legislation on behalf of your business. Joining FIA empowers you with representation by a group with the same interests, advocating for the formwork industries, a united voice to help improve & increase the standards of the formwork industry. Your business succeeds when your industry succeeds. Without the FIA you will have no one to advocate on your behalf. By joining an industry organization, you can become an active advocate for your industry and fight for what’s best for your business and your customers (or, at the very least, stay on top of what’s being advocated for on your behalf).

  5. Numerous Discounts & Financial Savings on products and services that will help you recoup the cost of your membership including FREE attendance at all FIA events.

  6. Network of Industry Leaders
    A trade association offers valuable industry networking. It’s important to have contacts in your field and a network of leaders in businesses that are similar to yours. With the insider benefits gained in your trade association, you are set to become an industry leader yourself, thereby growing your reputation and your business.

We outline below the features and benefits of each level of membership
to allow you to choose the level of membership that meets your needs.


The FIA is a not-for-profit entity, with any profits or excess revenues generated from memberships and activities diverted back into the organisation for research and education purposes.


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The Formwork Industry Association (FIA) strives to continuously improve competence and safety across the Formwork industry by bringing the industry together for networking, advocacy and knowledge sharing to raise standards and minimise risk.


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